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2023 Lineup

Bauer Center Stage

12:00p Ryan Wang, A Capella, Opera, Pop

12:12p Bollywood Dancers, Dance Troupe

12:25Side Buckle, Rock

 1:10p Cats Will Play, Funk/Classic Rock/Soul

 1:55p Stuff Bros, Acoustic/Electric/Funky/Eclectic

 2:40p Big Mamou, Cosmic Cajun, Zydeco, Country

 3:25Millburn Moksha, Bollywood & Classic Hindi Covers

 4:10p The Parkers, Alternative/Electronic Pop/Rock

 4:55p Autumn Jones, Soulful/Alternative/Singer-Songwriter Music

 5:40p Livingston LeoJam Band & Rock

 6:30p Rudie Crew, Reggae/WorldMusic

 7:45p The Gilfords, 80s/90s Covers


Riverside Stage

12:00p So i Heard, Music School, Kid Rock

12:50p Sanjana Krishnan, Acoustic & A Capella

 1:10p Valencia School of Music, Rock Covers

 2:05p Mrs. Eller and the Fellers, Pop Rock

 2:45p Soulfege, A Capella

 3:05p Jess and Andre, Acoustic

 3:25p School of Rock, Classic Rock

 4:05p Gabriel Rivera, Rock Covers & Originals

 4:45p Agni, Rock

 5:30p Distortion, Rock/Metal

 6:05p 80 BPM, Rock

 6:40p The Thorns, Classic Rock

Main Street Stage

 4:00p Whiskey & Sugar, Acoustic duo

 5:00p Jason Didner and the Drive, Jersey Rock

 5:35p Andre's Jam Session, Acoustic Singer-Songwriter

 6:05p Chris Pastore, Singer/Songwriter

 7:00p Big Romance, Classic Rock

 8:00p Rhythm Tolee, Punjabi, Folk, Bhangra

 9:00p Acoustic Mayhem, Electric Rock'n Dance Party

Rose Garden Stage

11:00a Dara Diamant, Sound Bath with Singing Bowls

11:45a Mi Zhou, Guzheng (Chinese zither)

12:15p Samaira Singh, Vocalist

12:30p Amelia Sabel, Violinist and Vocalist

 1:00p Tea Envy, Acoustic Duo

 1:30p Arman Ozdemir, Guitarist

 2:00p Purab Mehra, Flutist

 2:05p Leo Cole, Guitarist and Vocalist

 2:10p Leena Rao, Vocalist

 2:25p Ari Crofton, Vocalist

 2:29p Sarah Mayfield, Violinist

 2:33p Suhana Sehgal, Vocalist

 2:36p Ellis She and Lillian Schwartz, Clarinet and French Horn

 2:41p Siana Sharma, Vocalist

 2:45p Sanvi Chaini, Violinist

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