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2022 Lineup

Bauer Center Stage

11:55a Ryan Wang, A Capella

12:00p Rodyna, Slavic/Middle Eastern
12:57p Forget the Whale, Pop Rock

 1:39p Millburn Moksha, Bollywood & Classic Hindi Covers

 2:09p Starry Arts Group, Children's Chorus

 2:21p Deadful Greats, Dead Cover Band

 3:03p Toad and the Stooligans, Hip-Hop/Funk/Jazz

 3:33p Ryan Wang, Acoustic Pop Rock

 3:45p The Parkers, Alternative/Electronic Pop/Rock

 4:27p Autumn Jones, Soulful/Alternative/Singer-Songwriter Music

 4:57p Ryan Wang, Opera

 5:10p The Edge of Heaven, Chinese/American Jazz Fusion

 6:10p Leon & the Peoples, Soul/Reggae/Pop

 7:30p Steve Molitz All-Star Band & Livingston Leo's Chicken DinnerJam Band & Rock


Riverside Stage

12:00p So i Heard, Music School, Kid Rock

12:50p Sanjana Krishnan, Acoustic & A Capella

 1:05p Performers Theatre Workshop, Musical Theater

 1:22p Soulfege, A Capella

 1:47p Encore Rock String Quartet, Classical and Rock Strings

 3:00p Daze, Rock covers and originals

 3:43p Distortion, Rock/Metal

 4:26p School of Rock, Classic Rock

 5:24p Side Buckle, Rock

 6:00p Josh Harmon Trio, Jazz

After Party on Main Street

10:00p Stuff Bros, Acoustic/Electric/Funky/Eclectic

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